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Devotional Journals

(For AUTOGRAHPED copies, go to the Lena Wood Store.)


You and I write these together. I provide stories, studies, and travel tips. You share your adventures of faith on the journaling and art pages.  These journals were created for short-term mission trips, but are adaptable for any globally-focused believer or small group.  We don’t know what the days ahead will bring.  Don’t get ready.  Be ready.  

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Go Forth

How did you get to this point in your life? What provisions do you need?  What beliefs might you encounter? How can you communicate the gospel clearly? Go Forth helps you get prepped for your next step. This first little book has global stories, space to write and create, and lots of spiritual nourishment.

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Go Far

Whether locally or globally, you’re on mission. A lot can happen—out in the world and deep in your soul. What's really going on, and how can you be effective? Experience mission through amazing stories and hard questions. Above all, as you Go Far, stay close to the One who’s with you wherever you are.

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Go Light

Your body’s at home, but your mind’s elsewhere. How can you make a difference wherever you are? Find new ways to serve the Lord.  Live with even deeper purpose and greater adventures. Go Light your world.  

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