The Severed Head

      An ancient mystery lies buried in an abandoned church, a treasure that will change Elijah Creek's life forever. 
        Elijah and friends Rob, Reece, Mei and Skid begin a quest for the Armor of God, a weapon of immense power in life's battles--seen and unseen. 

Look inside . . . The Severed Head:
       From my rocky perch, I surveyed the wasteland one last time and spotted something we'd missed before: a faint trail of flattened grass heading away from Camp Mudj, away from the Morgan farm, toward nowhere. Had Robbie and Mei and me made that path while looking for the hiding place? 
I didn't think so. Actually, I was sure we hadn't.
But someone had. Someone has been here and left a trail.
       Mustering all my tracking skills, I followed the disappearing trail over rocks and through scrub bushes. I must have looked like a hound on a rabbit's trail, nosing here and there, back and forth across the terrain. 
       At one point the trail disappeared for almost an hour. I crisscrossed the creek and scoured the landscape for trampled grass or broken twigs, anything, when . . . eureka! A medium smooth-soled mud print on a slab of soapstone in a low swampy spot between two ridges. A footprint. A man's shoesize nine or ten. 
        Measuring the direction the shoe pointed against the sharp west wind, he had to be headingas the crow flies toward the old church.
Who else would follow me into Telanoo and stalk me all night to watch what Id do with his armor? The old man.
         Maybe I should have been worried, but I wasn't. Maybe I shouldn't have felt a burst of hope, but suddenly I did. After all, was it just coincidence that we four kids had checked that crawl space in the first place? Was it just coincidence that Robbie and I had gone spying on the church just in time to see the old man bury the armor pieces behind the cemetery?

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