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Elijah Creek & The Armor of God

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Elijah Creek & The Armor of God 

Book One:   The Severed Head
An ancient mystery—

a treasure that will

change Elijah's life forever—

lies buried in an abandoned church. 

And someone in the shadows 

wants it lost forever.

Book Two:  The Ancient Omen
A broken compass leads

Elijah and his friends
to the town's darkest secret. 

Trying to keep his quest for
The Armor of God under wraps,
Elijah discovers that his greatest struggle
is with the truth.

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God 

Book Four:   The Haunted Soul

The clan's only hope of finding the sword
is to trace its journey back through time
to Ireland. But it's Halloween on the backroads where the veil between

the worlds grows thin. 

Book Five:  The Angel of Fire

Haunted by echoes of a demonic voice,
Elijah is a fugitive from his own life,
and no one knows where he is. 

Book Six:  The Carpet of  Bones

Suddenly the Magdeline Five
is on mission to Japan.
They meet a secret network of allies,
and confront an occult power
they know nothing about.

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God 

Book Two:   The Raven's Curse

When the clan's uneasy calm
is shattered by family crisis,
Elijah, Robbie, and Skid
retreat to an isolated island.
They expect a week in paradise.
What they get are lessons in raw fear.

Book Three:  The Path of Shadows

Just as Elijah's clan runs out of clues
to their quest for The Armor,
the raven leads them into the canyons.
But suspicious fires burn there at night

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God 

Book Eight:   Storm God

The secrets of The Armor of God
have forever changed the Magdeline Five. 

Years pass. They part ways. 

Now Elijah has vanished 

in a remote mountain kingdom. 

Storm-chaser Rob with Reece,

Mei, and Marcus embark on

a dangerous search for truth. 

In an unstable climate—

atmospheric and political—

the four friends must attempt
what military operatives have failed to do:
find Elijah. 




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About Lena Wood

"Go far, Go Light" is my mission.  I'm an author, speaker, adventurer, momma to two uber-creative girls and their amazing husbands, and grammy to seven boys.  Seven!

I've been going far my whole life:  Asia (seven times), South Africa, Egypt, and Ireland.  I climbed Mt. Fuji, slept at Mt. Everest base camp, and recently emptied my bucket list on a 5600-mile drive across the US.  

Going light, I write books and host friends and family, sharing their passion to live for Jesus and take His light to the uttermost.  I love travel:  back roading, hiking, exploring, hanging with missionaries.  Coffee, roadmap, laptop, backpack - that's all I need.  

And I love stay-at-home fun with the fam at The Ridge.

But most of all I love the Lord and His word.

My Elijah Creek series sprang from an urgent desire to protect kids - and adults - from the dark stuff.  Somehow over the years I became an unwitting expert on occult mysticism.  I speak on the topic, and will work for food and gas money.  

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Lena is based in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area


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