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Elijah Creek & The Armor of God

On a quest for an ancient suit of armor, Elijah and his friends encounter adventures and mysteries more distant and deep than they ever could have imagined. Transformed by trials, evil, love, and loss, they discover the surpassing power of the Armor of God.

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About Lena Wood

“Go far, go light” is my mission.  I’m an author, speaker, adventurer, momma to two uber-creative girls and their amazing husbands, and grammy to seven boys.  Seven!

I've been going far my whole life:  Asia (seven times), South Africa, Egypt, and Ireland.  I climbed Mt. Fuji, slept at Mt. Everest base camp, and recently emptied my bucket list on a 5600-mile drive across the US.  

Going light, I write books and host friends and family, sharing their passion to live for Jesus and take His light to the uttermost.  I love travel:  back roading, hiking, exploring, hanging with missionaries.  Coffee, roadmap, laptop, backpack—that’s all I need.  

And I love stay-at-home fun with the fam at The Ridge.

But most of all I love the Lord and his Word.

My Elijah Creek series sprang from an urgent desire to protect kids—and adults—from the dark stuff.  Somehow over the years I became an unwitting expert on occult mysticism.  I speak on the topic, and will work for food and gas money.  

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Lena is based in Northern Kentucky, USA


Thank you. I'll be in touch soon.


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